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    Tom Denney

      I’m curious to see what is everyone’s thought process on leaf sampling and soil sampling in almonds. I typically start on April 15th and will pull a sample on the 15th of every month until hull split and pull my final leaf sample at that time. I feel that fertility, especially in almonds, is always a moving target and requires constant adjustment on the fly. My idea is to give the growers the best bang for their buck instead of just shooting from the hip and guessing. We’d rather spend a couple hundred bucks on tissue tests then waste a couple thousand on a fertilizer application we didn’t need or if we needed to add something into a blend that we were low on. I typically pull my soil samples after the first irrigation after harvest to not only get my dry post harvest program put together put to also help me put together a budget for next season, which I’ll use in addition to the grade and yield data I get back from the processors.

      Always up for suggestions.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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